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Topic: Hacking/Cheating

Dear Next Day dev team,

Since you have no section for reporting hackers i had to open a topic here under Support.

I encountered the first hacker in your game, which seems to be an aimbot.

Player name: YOUDEAD
Server: Room 45
Time period: 2017-08-11, 10:57AM - 11:15AM GMT+2

He was basically able to attack the Looter base naked with an M4A1 using full automatic and oneshot anyone in the line of sight. He got inside the base and kept spawncamping 3 or 4 of us Looters. I managed to get him down once. He came back and continued for a while.

Players "RATX" and "NOORI" can confirm for further evidence.

About 5-6 Steam profiles fits his name, obviously it's a "decoy" account, its profile is not set up yet. Didn't find a single profile with this name format playing Next day at all. None of them were private either.

Please find screenshot evidence below:

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Re: Hacking/Cheating

The hacker is currently aimbotting again on Room 122 as of 2017-08-11 8:38PM GMT+2
Name is confirmed: YOUDEAD (capital letters on Steam profile)

Re: Hacking/Cheating

Hello! Bans are dealt by easyanticheat system.You can contact their support team: https://www.easyanticheat.net/contact/.
They will answer all your questions concerning bans.