Topic: HOT-FIX [07/05/2018]

Hi all!  There's is a little update on the server, aimed at fixing some major bugs and errors.
Friends, we want to inform you that we are working diligently to correct the problem with the disconnects that some players have experienced and will inform you about all the results shortly.
We also know about some problems with productivity. Do not worry, as soon as we correct the critical errors we'll start working on the optimization. We already have several solutions for increasing FPS.

HOT-FIX [07/05/2018]
1) Fixed a bug with endless reloading on USA server.
2) Fixed bug with constant zeroing of brightness and contrast settings on the USA server.
3) Fixed a bug when the player could be in the safe zone, although he actually left it.
4) Fixed a bug when you could not climb when in the water.
5) Fixed a bug when sounds  and the effects of water during swimming did not work.
6) Fixed a bug when the recipe button in the crafting window did not work.
7) Reduced damage done to cars from the bear maneater.
8) Fixed a bug when boxes of dead characters could fly.
9) Fixed a bug when NPCs at the camp of traitors in the Primorye location attacked players with the "Traitor" faction.
10) Added a safe zone marker to the location of "Dead swamp".
11) Points of characters' respawn transferred to the forest of the location "Dead swamp".
12) Fixed a bug when it was possible to shoot down BOSS animals  when in a car.
13) Fixed a bug when NPCs could hang in the air.
14) Fixed a bug when NPCs could be beaten with a butt through walls.
15) In the tambour of the scientific base on the location of the Dead swamp a safe zone has been removed, now it begins only behind the second door.
16) Fixed a bug when splashes when falling into the water did not always work.
17) Fixed a bug when an empty column could be displayed in the leaderboard.
18) Fixed a bug when some quest creatures always spawned.