Topic: Big update, coming soon!

Hello! At the moment we are preparing a huge update, which will be released in the public branch before the end of April, but previously we will conduct a beta test, about which we will inform you pretty soon. This update will be the largest one of the whole project and will bring a lot of new things.

A short list of innovations and changes:
1) New open location "Dead marshes".
2) The new sub-location "Catacombs".
3) Nine new species of animals (large rat, beaver, wild boar, fox, deer family, moose).
4) New types of weapons including unique models: a toxic AK and a Gauss sniper gun.
5) New types of armor and clothing, including a unique suit UKB-1 (reinforced armor-1) with a special protection properties.
6) New faces for the character.
7) New backpacks.
8) Bosses dressed in costumes UKB-1 inside the NPC settlements.
9) In all locations there will be locked safes with various rare loot for the opening of which special keys will be needed.
10) New quests connected with the scientists and the location of "Dead marshes".
11) A large number of bug fixes.

Re: Big update, coming soon!

Thats awesome!Great work,the only issue is that i can't play the beta (server disconect),but i manage to get in first person,i really hope to see this feature in this update