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I changed my headset from USB connection to soundcard connection. Soundcard is now the default sound playback - no sound ingame or music.

I have tried rebooting. Reloading game, and validated files.

Nothing worked so far.

Help please. Thanks

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Hi! Is there any sound when you're playing other games?

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Yes sound on all other games. Also movies music etc. I plugged back in the USB headset - now I can hear the game(nextday)sound and music.

At the moment I'm reinstalling the game without the USB headset installed.

ok reinstalling - did not reset the sound out put to the soundcard....

Ok reinstalled the game...still the

I did reinstall. But it's still using the USB headset as sound output.

Reinstalled again without USB headset installed. No sound at all now.

How do I completely remove this game and any registry edits?.

So all my posts kept updating the post before this one.

I need to completely remove nextday - since when I've removed it. It's left configs etc and once reinstalled - went back to trying to use USB and then has no sound at all.

Help please?

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Try to reinstall your steam client.

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Captain Proton, I think I know what has happened - in the Playback Devices/Speakers/Advanced setting there is an option called Exclusive mode - I turned this off and the sound works now.