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Network, you are a symbol of high technology and modernization. It stands to reason that with you, I will gain knowledge and happiness, but you have made me lose too much too much - Lens 1: "Dad, school receiving information Fee, I want 27 yuan." I said to my father. After listening to my father Cheap Cigarettes, I was very dissatisfied and asked me: "Isn��t I paid 18 yuan for the data last week?" I was afraid of it. I was afraid that my father knew that I was cheating on him. I was afraid that my father knew that I was cheating on the Internet Carton Of Cigarettes. I don't know how to answer my father's question, but Dad took out 27 yuan from his pocket and handed it to me. He said, "If you arrive at the school Cigarettes For Sale, don't lose it!" Network, please see Look, with you, I lost the lens two: less than ten minutes in the language class, I have no spirit. I know that this is the result of my whole night game with "Spring Garden" on the Internet. Although I was forced to take some spirit in my heart, I couldn��t help myself. Slowly, I fell asleep on my desk. Of course, the Chinese teacher did not forget to criticize me in front of the class, and I thought about it for two hours. Network, please see, with you, I lost precious personal dignity. Lens 3: My friend Xiaohua was beaten by Xiaojian, a student of the foreign school. Xiaohua told me about this. I was very angry and said to Xiaohua: "It is better for us to learn the methods in online games. A group of people united to clean up and clean up Xiaojian." This proposal was unanimously agreed by the netizens. As a result, the "clean up" incident has caused us to lose both sides... Network, please look at it, and your network, although you are a symbol of high technology and modernization, you have lost too much precious things! I beg you to think of a good way. When I am with you, I will only gain knowledge and happiness, and stop losing the wealth left.
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