Topic: Plans for 2018.

Hello everybody!
First of all, we'd like to congratulate you with upcoming 2018!

The changes that are going to take place in the game:
1) The new game's mode «Last survivor», on which we've been working for several months already,  will be in testing after the holidays.
2) The full DLC «Death Swamp» which will include the new open location and a little underground lab, about 25 new quests connected with the scientific database and scholars.
3) About 10 more kinds of weapons, and several types of grenades (toxic, smoke etc.).
4) We've paid a lot of attention to the game's optimization, there's a list of tasks for this direction, a part of tasks has been already solved. The game will be working stable in any case with the specs mentioned.
These are just the main changes  that will take place pretty soon.