Topic: In the next update and further plans

Hello there!

First, we want to apologize that there hasn't been any news for a long time. Right now, we've started testing another update, which will be released during the first week of December. The update is interim and it'll contain lots of fixes and some mechanics you've asked for.

As you know, the release of the game is planned for February 2018, we’ll make at least two large updates by that time which will contain: new mode "The last survivor", location "Dead Swamp" and a range of new game items like weapons and outfit. We’re also planning to rebalance the loot and the store, we’ll tell you more about it later.

Here’s the approximate list of the upcoming update:
1) Fixed the bug when the collision between players and animals didn't work.
2) Fixed the bug when the process of skills learning wasn't updated after the character’s respawn.
3) Fixed the bug when weapon skills could be upgraded using traders of the opposite faction.
4) Fixed the bug when the faction was reset when one restarted the game after completing the quests line "Redemption".
5) Fixed the bug when small cars could enter through the net (pass the guard?) at the "Berezki" location.
6) Fixed the bug when some objects could be seen through the grass.
7) Fixed the bug when there were no shadows on the roads.

8) Fixed the bug when the quest "Swamp raid" restarted automatically when the game was relaunched.

9) Fixed the bug when one could push NPC (Storekeeper) out from the storage.

10) Fixed the bug when the control couldn't be switched on after changing the location in the car.

11) Fixed the bug when live animation could be played on a dead animal and it could not be killed.
12) Fixed the bug when invisible animals could attack the player.
13) Fixed the bug when NPCs didn’t attack passengers in the car. Now, if the player in the car hits the NPC, the passengers get into the list of enemies as well.
14) Fixed the bug when players could kill passengers of an APC.
15) Fixed the bug when you could push NPC into buildings or underground.
16) Fixed the bug when it was impossible to get the "Mad Driver" achievement.

[Innovations \ Changes]
1) Added 16 new quests of the "Military" faction on the Primorye location.
2) The Ragdoll system has been removed due to unpredictable behavior and a performance drop.
3) Increased the distance of displaying information about the player up to 150 meters.
4) Added game penalty for brazen bug usage from the trader in "Dyatlovo".
5) Optimized the system of putting on hats, fixed the bug with double prefab load.
6) Optimized spawn loot system in containers, fixed the bug with automatic loading of information about objects.
7) The system of creating additional weapons items (shot effects, etc.) is optimized.
8) The rendering of game objects is optimized, GPU Instancing is enabled.
9) Car physics is optimized; synchronization errors are corrected.
10) The system of synchronization of NPC settlements’ been optimized, synchronization errors have been corrected.
11) Added new achievements:
1. "Sniper",
2. "Modern technologies",
3. "Heavy artillery",
4. "Collector",
5. "Wheeling and Dealing",
6. "Spiderman".
12) Added a new mechanics for interacting with objects in inventory:
1. Now you can change the items dressed on your character without having to remove the ones already dressed, just transfer the desired item to the area of the equipment slots and the item that is already dressed will be placed in the backpack if there is space or it will be laid out next to the character.
2. Added the ability to put weapons in the desired slot and replace the already equipped ones.
3. Added the ability to replace backpacks without having to move items to the hand, if you replace the backpack with many slots on a backpack with a smaller amount, then items that do not fit will be laid out next to the character.
These mechanics work for backpacks, containers and storage.
13) Updated sounds while crawling.
14) The algorithm of "Salvation" of cars has been improved, the possibility of getting the car inside buildings is excluded.