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Topic: Grieffer with screen shot, please do something.

Hello, I have seen this dude just grieffing everyone on chat, by spamming, being toxic, racist, insulting Russians, etc etc... is there anything we can do? At leats mute him? Report him? Proof on link

https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ … B53C6BF01/

Is this kind of behaviour allowed? If not which I assume is the case, which is the punishment considering I have proof of this toxic behaviour.

Thanks for your time, just trying to help to keep rotten tomatoes out of the basket, might want to help.


Sorry, but I forgot to add that he has been doing this for days, just got tired and decided to report him, he also stands in the safezones blocking trader and one of his friends will shoot you on the leg and wait for you to bleed then the other dude will loot you. This people will destroy the game in matter of days, people are more disturbed by this childs that for hackers or bugs.

He is doing it again, he does this every day like for 30min, no one can chat and we don`t even have local chat so the is being very detrimental to the game, I am wondering if he is not just a bot to make players stop playing. I read some companies do this (Like "rival" companies of course), watch out guys.