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Topic: Shot by own faction bots in faction settlement

I was just shot by Civilian AI in the Civilian base without being a traitor prior to this. I belong in the Civilian faction myself.

The base was under attack by someone before this, as the base AI were running around with their guns out. I ran inside the base and looked at some of the AI, their names were showing as green. Then suddenly, an AI turned around, their name was red and they started shooting at me.

I died and respawned at the civilian base, the AI's names showing green, before turning red after sometime and then killing me.

The bots killed me about twice more before I managed to get to my original body, where I found there was a player looting it so I had to kill him with a PP-1901 I had taken from an AI killed by someone else. I briefly left the server inside the civilian base after taking some loot from my corpse.

Happened in EU server, Room 43 at around 15:45-16:00 GMT+2 if interested.

Re: Shot by own faction bots in faction settlement

We're going to check everything and fix this bug. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Re: Shot by own faction bots in faction settlement

And I did get killed, on two separate occasions, in SCC base, while being a looter. No traitor status. I didn't attack anyone. Slayed by my own NPCs - looters.

Re: Shot by own faction bots in faction settlement

same here today, shot by a looter bot in looter camp, iam a looter.
he shot me with the gaus gun, i died, i spawned their, i ran back, than the looter bot sitting at camp fire started shooting at me, i lay down on ground he stopped, i got my stuff back.. was really weird!, my friend ws standing right next to me when it happend, nothing happend to him!.

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