2 Sticky: Push to Talk not Working

by EPICxHERO ( Pages 1 2 )

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by kevinmitchelllee

7 Sticky: Quest Bug! No Quest's available

by robde

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14 Sticky, Closed: RULES. Read before start new theme

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17 Sticky, Closed: NPC shoot through wall, Bunker-A65 enter

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19 Sticky, Closed: [FIXED IN NEXT UPDATE] Quests disappear

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20 Sticky, Closed: [MANUAL FIX] infinite loading characters

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21 Sticky, Closed: [FIXED IN NEXT UPDATE] Apc is undestructible

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24 Sticky, Closed: [FIXED IN NEXT UPDATE] "Storm The SCC" - Quest Bug

by iDarkRift3r

26 Invisible NPCs

by Ooraka

27 Trader goes out his shop

by YuriKozlovsky

28Moved: Пирогово

by Bingo

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29 NPC not shooting at enemies

by YuriKozlovsky