2 Sticky, Closed: English Forum ( STEP BY STEP, SCREENSHOTS )

by VividEradicator

3 Sticky: Microphone problems

by mitay-walle

4 Closed: Where is my inventory?

by Magik

5 bug

by taranis1313

6 Closed: Game Crashes every 15 Min

by Pyranitor

7 memory could not be read

by IslamFahd

8 Sound

by Get_Out_Of_Here_Stalker

9 Closed: Disappeared

by rockerfate

10 Closed: Прошу помощи!

by skayjurka

12 Closed: Hacker US 05 PVP

by Gossett

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14 Game crash to desktop.

by Enginebuilder

15 Where to report racism?

by spokepoker

16 Need some help

by Yinkii

17 Closed: Stucked near lake

by FonzieFR

18 Closed: Traitor time after update!?

by DeezNutzTV

19 Closed: Cheater

by SurZeus

20 Closed: account id

by sau

26 VAC Ban ?

by stevendo0790

27 game banned

by papa_pine

28 Eac banned

by iveco1987

29 Hacking/Cheating

by Cooper_

30 Faction got changed

by x0xcozY