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Next Day: Survival is a multiplayer SURVIVAL game with RPG elements, which takes place in a fictional post-Soviet state, most of whose territory is contaminated by toxic fog. The main task of the player is to survive while improving their character using skills, interaction with the outside world, other players, and non-player characters (NPC). As the game progresses, the character earns a reputation, thanks to which he/she has the option to join various factions of survivors, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.



If you find out that characters on your account suddenly the become not yours, be careful and follow instructions inside.

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Where can I buy the game?

Game is available on Steam.

Steam says "Unsupported platform". What should I do?

If you have less than 4GB of RAM - you can hardly run the game normally. Before buying the game, please read the minimum system requirements on Steam page.

How can I change the language of the game?

The language can be changed in Steam > Next Day: Survival > Properties > Language, then select the language you need.

Is there any plans for free OBT?

Free OBT is not planned.

Will there be female characters in the game?

We want to add female characters to the game, but it will not happen soon, because we need to fix about 800 ready animations for this.

Will there be a customization of weapons in the future?

Yes, we plan to add the system of weapons customization.

Will there be new maps?

Yes, there will be new ones.

Will you improve the game graphics?

Yes, we plan to do that.

When will there be new loot?

Some types of new items are already being developed.

When will there be the last survivor mode?

The last survivor mode will be after release on Steam.

Do you plan to add new vehicles?

Yes, we do. We plan to add some new types of vehicles.

Will the issue be solved that it is impossible to change (reassign) the control keys in the game?

We get a lot of feedback about the possibility of changing the control keys, we will definitely consider this function in the future.

Will the transport be saved at the place where I left it after the restart?

The state of cars is saved as long as there are players on this server.

Will my items remain if I go to another server?

There is no binding to the servers, you can safely go to any other server and all of your collected loot will remain with the character.

Why do we need a bottle opener, a pack of cigarettes, gunpowder etc.?

The game is at the beta stage at the moment, so many items do not have any purpose yet.

Which factions are present in the game?

Neutrals, civilians, marauders.

How do I change the faction?

To become a –°ivilian, you need to score reputation points, killing Looters and vice versa.

I was banned in the game. What should I do?

Contact us via email and wait for the answer:

Low FPS. What should I do?

If you have a built-in graphics card, check to see if it is currently in use. Also, before running the game, close all unnecessary programs, then disable the VSync function in the game.

Can I delete current character and create new one?


How to get rid from stigma of a traitor?

After each death of a player the stigma of a Traitor will be renewed/ updated. To get rid of it you need to spend 1 hour 30 min in the game since the last time you were killed.